Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are an area like no other in the UK. Located in the north-western most point of the UK, residents are frequently able to bear witness to the Northern Lights and enjoy remarkably long days in the summer, with up to 18 hours of daylight.

It is blessed with a dramatic landscapeā€”mountain ranges dominate the region and the Highlands are home to an amazing collection of lochs and lochans as well asĀ Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the British Isles.

Quaint villages and remote islands offer a relaxed way of life and the area as a whole usually scores high in quality of life surveys.

Before the 19th century the Highlands was home to a much larger population, but due to a combination of factors including the outlawing of the traditional Highland way of life following the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the infamous Highland Clearances, and mass migration to urban areas during the Industrial Revolution, the area is now one of the most sparsely populated in Europe.

Home of the famous Loch Ness which is claimed to house the Loch Ness Monster, known affectionately as “Nessie”.

Scotland is also home to some of the worlds oldest and finest golf courses.